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restaurant/business owner

This site is a continual work in progress and I am enjoying every minute of the work I have been putting into creating this online lifestyle resource 
for people to enjoy.  
The link to my blog is where you will find the heart of my intentions and contains topics ranging from capitalism to nutrition. Over time, I hope to have a very thoughtful reference center for both physical and spiritual growth…and with love at the center of everything, I also have
some fun swag for sale.
I am starting quite simple and doing most everything myself currently; the result is a pure product,
no fancy bells & whistles.
Something Wayne Dyer wrote resonates well with me, “remember that child within and embrace him or her; admire yourself for your life’s journey and how you grow each day to fulfill your life’s
And dharma for me is... what you are meant to be doing when your
compass is pointed north.


 I created this website to better share my blog of finding my true north. Where I've allowed myself to reach full-circle back to the girl I once was… not just before cancer, but before life ran away with my time.

The photos presented were taken by me… nothing fancy, just an iphone surrounded by great beauty, the kind you breathe in as a mindful witness.

Wanderlust Teacher Certified (200 hours) with Meg McCracken & Shari Beard.

Alaya Yoga School, Advanced Training in Ayurveda & Herbalism (50 hours)


Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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