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moon calendar

I learned a fantastic way of communing with the moon (and myself) from Carrie-Anne Moss; she shares ideas for a variety of calendars, including how to watercolor a beautiful moon by Robyn Wolfe. I have put these things together to make my own beautiful calendar for you to use. You can download a free full-page copy below, and then transform it into your month's calendar to record anything you deem important; I suggest printing on a thicker, textured paper.


I start with the NEW MOON at the top, then mark each QUARTER and FULL MOON, finishing with the "day before" the next new moon (the start of the next calendar page). Any extra wedge spaces are blocked out. I like to make daily notations of the following activities/work: yoga, meditation, blog, web, post, paint, hike, create, oils (herbalism), study... and the list goes on. I mark my vacations, retreats and other commitments/celebrations; anything I want to keep track of is made relevant for this calendar. I also like to include my moods, but usually the extremes: highly inspired, tragically beaten down, or simply a remarkable state of emotion. The top portion of the page is meant for your intentions, inspiring quotes and doodles.


Using this calendar has been very helpful in gauging my menopausal mood swings; but following the moon's graceful cycle can benefit anyone by noting some of moon's more obvious shifts in our interbeings:


NEW MOON: beginnings, intention setting, plant seeds for the future

WAXING MOON: transformation, conceptualize, confident & authentic

FULL MOON: energetic strength, active participation, fruition

WANING MOON: release, intuitive reflection, endings, healing


There are many websites that offer free information on tracking the moon, and finding proper dates for the new/full/quarter moons; so, have fun with this... and allow the moon to inspire your creativity (scroll down for example).


Download Blank Moon Calendar

 Blank Moon Calendar