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Moon Chillies


NEXT "NEW MOON" GATHERING:  MAY 22, 6:00 - 8:00pm

WHERE: 1940 Silver Tip Drive, (Talmont Heights, up the hill from Sunnyside) 

COST:  $25 

Wine, cheese & beverages will be served, and weather allowing…. a firepit to enjoy!


We will be exploring herbs, sprouting beans, leaning about cooking oils & their appropriate uses. Basically playing around with inspiration to nourish our bodies... using some simple foods and techniques, we can maximize our nutrition and enjoyment.

 Can't wait to "howl" at the moon again:-) 


2020 YEAR PLAN...


JANUARY 25 – LUNAR NEW YEAR & paint the moon for your lunar calendar year

FEBRUARY 23 Define/draw two sides of yourself; create lavender bath salts; relax & release

MARCH 19 – SPRING EQUINOX pass out intention necklaces & add-on crystals; share intentions

APRIL 22Adding to one’s sadhana with Ayurveda, ritual, creativity & intuition

MAY 22 – Fresh herbs, cooking oils, & sprouting beans

JUNE 20 – SUMMER SOLSTICE connect with nature & poetry

JULY 5 -- FULL MOON walk into Page Meadows at night

AUGUST 18 – Create a dream catcher or smudging wand; chanting & guided meditation

SEPTEMBER 22 – FALL EQUINOX dance in nature with the sun on hike

OCTOBER 16 – Morning at the beach; choose/paint words on rocks

NOVEMBER 4 – Lotions, potions, salves, & tinctures with essential oils & herbal infusions

DECEMBER 21 -- WINTER SOLSTICE, intentions for New Year; feather/rock ritual




Yoga Drawing

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I have been sharing my ‘groovy lifestyle’ for a handful of years now. I simply see our world as pure poetry, and my wish to heal this planet might just be about how to experience this life outside our culture’s story, and to see from our own feral spirit what others toss aside. A call to go within, find clarity, then move forward with a newfound passion to both build and honor your intuition.

Where we don’t allow ourselves to feel the truth of our lives, we literally stop moving forward. Going through the shadow work brings a lot of emotions out, and creating the space for authenticity to arise requires that your heart runs the show. If you don’t allow what is to flow through you, there is no reconciliation, and no real appreciation will be found for what can be learned and used to better the rest of your life.

This is a personal revolution that takes the strength of a warrior, to be honest with oneself, and only when you're ready. Not everyone wants to save the planet, and not everyone can. Some people need to be the chefs that nourish our travels; some need to be the light that calls us into action, and all of us need to listen to our own calling.

There is no better way to grace your time on this planet than to allow your unbound heart to lead the way. This may sound a little unreasonable, and it will be difficult, but just as your mind will wander while meditating, you simply bring your attention back to the center of things, back to the undeniable, and individual beat of your own heart.

dissolve the crazy... WITH A PERSONAL ASANA WORKSHOP

Personal Asana Workshop
Group classes are wonderful, but sometimes we need more personal attention; together, we will design an asana sequence that speaks to your own personal needs, and something you can take with you wherever you go in life...  $175 (includes two private sessions).



"We enjoyed your calm, knowledgeable, and giving instruction -- very personal, useful and regenerating. You were very clean in instruction and flexible, working with our needs. You are so generous... in time, talent and spirit. Just a joy to meet you!" 
 - Susan & Tamiko
"You are my favorite yoga teacher... you really improved my back!"
- Rachel 
"Many thanks for the wonderful, illuminating yoga retreat; you have a really nice way of making everybody feel welcome!" 
- Becca

groovy recipe

Lemons and Hibiscus

Hibiscus Recipe

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"When life gives you lemons... make lemonade!"

 (amazing lemonade recipe above, with off-the-charts anti-oxidants:-)

The Power of Momentum... 

If I walked up to you and told you I have the secret to escaping your crazy mind, would you believe me? If I added that simultaneously, your body will begin to heal, and your problems will dissolve into plans, would you think I was the crazy one?

Before my mortality was made clear to me, just five years ago, I sure would’ve thought the idea was crazy. Maybe a “made for TV” item for sale; a magic elixir sold at gas stations, next to the candles and neck pillows. Haven’t we all been gifted one of those lavender neck pillows? They are good for car rides, but I never seem to have mine in the car!

I had to make peace with my anxiety while fighting my cancer, I worried a lot about my family, and fought off the idea of not being around for my kids as they grew up. These thoughts still creep in; however, like a meandering river that finds its way around big boulders and small dams, I have found the way to keep these thoughts from taking root for too long. Something I never thought about before, is the river’s progress isn’t so much the result of the power of water… but rather the power of momentum.

The power of momentum literally keeps the river’s intention alive. A river defies stagnation; nature has far better plans for her day. The same goes for keeping our bodies and minds clear of toxins and toxic thoughts, and the best way to do this is through yoga (and drinking lots of clean water). It is through the routine practice of hitting your mat, staying hydrated, and focusing on your breath that you can keep a clear site on your intentions.

As I age, I use the benefits of hindsight to move my goals forward. Looking back on my life, I see where my true-self grew from moving and stretching to reach alignment not only with my body but with my mind. Your breath will literally bring your body, heart, and mind into alignment with your quest; it creates momentum to stay on your path towards inner peace. And this momentum will bring you back to your mat each day, bringing more and more of your life into clear waters.

Calm, beautiful, clear waters to carry your dreams to fruition… but if my practice stalls, and my mat stays rolled up tight, it is not long before my body follows. My muscles will tighten, my shoulders round, and my breathing stalls. Often the anxiety comes first, and then everything gets worse; such an easy fix to a rather annoying list of problems. The American Osteopathic Association put a succinct list of the physical benefits together:

Increased flexibility.
Increased muscle strength and tone.
Improved respiration, energy and vitality.
Maintaining a balanced metabolism.
Weight reduction.
Cardio and circulatory health.
Improved athletic performance.
Protection from injury.

It is from experience that I know my head and body improve, and everyone else who is committed will share the same. I now keep my momentum going with yoga, and find breathing to be the best elixir around. I keep the pressure off and do what I can, even if it’s simply a sun salutation (a simple series of moves that lights up over 95% of your muscles).

The best part is how easy it is to access yoga nowadays; I do most of my practice online at home (Gaia, Wanderlust TV, and YouTube). In fact, yoga in my pajamas is becoming popular in my house, and your pets will love to join in on the fun. When I’m not trying to fit my practice into a tight schedule, I do enjoy a luxurious class at a studio, and I appreciate the added benefit of enjoying a new ritual or modification to an old asana.

So, stop standing at the river’s edge, and get in… breathe with the water, and make your body flow with the momentum of your intentions. 

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They call it “chemo fog,” and when combined with a bit of hearing loss, it was much easier to hang-out on my computer keyboard than a loud restaurant. So I started my blog and created the website to share my groovy new take on life. I want to embrace and honor the beauty and simplicity of choosing to be mindful:

"I moved through that first year with a thirst for knowledge, growth and self-love… I reprioritized and questioned all that I had become due to stress and too little time. I literally “seized the day,” each and every day, by seeing how each step and each choice I made could weave together for a more healthy life overall. And it’s true, small differences can add up to shocking changes over (not much) time, and once this pattern is set into motion, it is an undeniable force for good. The key to mastery is habit, and I don’t say this lightly; habitual activities make up our days and we have the control of what and how we choose to live our lives."

From discipline to devotion in one small book... and a place where mindful nutrition and emotional hygiene can mingle for a more healthy lifestyle.

Over 30 recipes included to help inspire your signature groove! 

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peace love & eternal grooviness
  Carla Sarkrison

I created this website to better share my blog of finding my true north;

where I've allowed myself to reach full-circle back to the girl I once was… not just before cancer, but before life ran away with my time.

The photos presented were taken by me…

nothing fancy, just an iPhone surrounded by great beauty, the kind you breathe in as a mindful witness. 

Yoga Teacher Certified (Wanderlust 200 hr) & Aerial Teacher Certified (Wanderlust 25hr)

Advanced Training in Ayurveda & Herbalism (Alaya Yoga School 100 hr) 

Vitalist Herbal Practitioner Program (School of Evolutionary Herbalism)

   2019 Award

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This site is a continual work in progress, and I am enjoying every minute of the work I have been putting into creating this online lifestyle resource for people to enjoy.  
The link to my blog is where you will find the heart of my intentions and contains topics ranging from capitalism to nutrition. Over time, I hope to have a very thoughtful reference center for both physical and spiritual growth…and with love at the center of everything, I also have 
some fun swag for sale.
I am starting quite simple and doing most everything myself currently; the result is a pure product,
no fancy bells & whistles.

Something Wayne Dyer wrote resonates well with me, “remember that child within and embrace him or her; admire yourself for your life’s journey and how you grow each day to fulfill your life’s 
And dharma for me is... what you are meant to be doing when your 
compass is pointed north.

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